Wireless Positioning

ISS Core wireless positioning technologies are by far the most comprehensive positioning technologies on the market. From traditional 2G, 2.5G networks to 3/3.5G and WiMAX, ISS Core offers a portfolio of mobile device positioning technologies that customers can select the optimum combination of accuracy, cost, and stability for specific usage scenarios.

With support for E9-1-1 and Location-Based Service applications, ISS Core technologies include UTDOA, CID, ECID, fingerprinting solutions, and will work with A-GPS technologies if applicable. As different technologies are different in their accuracy, cost of deployment, and network infrastructure suitability, ISS Core encourages your engineers to directly co-work with our R&D to develop the best technology for your specific scenario / application.


Demand for DRM (Digital Rights Management) Most people have heard of software licensing and pay per view television, but possibly not connected it with a development in technology called Digital Rights Management (DRM). To understand what DRM is trying to achieve you first of all need to understand intellectual property.


The ISSCore Ingestion Manager is a powerful stand alone ingestion system for HD and SD signals. After capturing the SDI signals in realtime from VTR, incoming feeds, or Flexicart, ISSCore Ingestion Manager converts it into multiple digital files in highresolution and low-resolution at the same time.It allows users to control the ingestion process via RS-422 for VTR, imported EDL for batch ingestion, or pre-configured setting for live signal. It supports manual and auto ingestion of multiple physical tape formats such as Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX and IMX from VTR and Flexicart.Like all ISSCore products, the ISSCore Ingestion Manager is a pure software program running on top of standard Windows® XP-based workstation-level hardware. While ISSCore can deliver the whole system, customers always have the flexibility to purchase their preferred hardware. The installation process is as easy as following a simple installation guide provided by ISSCore and in a few hours your engineers can have the system up and running.

ISS Core DRM Management System

DRM Management System series are pre-installed, pre-configured systems ready to go right out of the box. All features and modules are configured before shipment. Therefore the installation of DRM Management System is easy and can be done within a few days. Compared with all other competing products, one of the biggest ROI on DRM Management Systemis its expansibility to a full ISSCore solution. Like all other ISSCore products, DRM Management System is completely modularized. Therefore every expansion is only a matter of adding one software module. In other words, every penny you spend on DRM Management System will not be wasted or obsolete!


The Quality Control Manager (QCM) is specifically designed to "fill this gap" for all customers who have or are thinking about putting a digital tapeless workflow in place. A robust quality control system for both video and audio files, the QCM is not only clearly differentiated from baseband quality control equipment, but also a natural extension of signal quality control module, which is an embedded module in Ingestion Manager, to solve one of the most critical issues in today's tapeless environment.

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