A Versatile Video and Aggregate Data Analysis Platform.

TrackWit makes reality the concept of aggregated analytical platform by generating consolidated analyses from a wide range of digital data sources. In today's IT environment, owing to the huge volume of data collected from various data sources, key information often takes a long time to be identified.

In addition, there is a lack of common way for storing, managing and sharing different data, therefore, the analysis and sharing of data together is extremely time inefficient. Moreover, data or information can come from numerous proprietary sources without a common protocol to correlate pieces of information and turn them into intelligence.

TrackWit with its industry-leading technologies has successfully integrated information from virtually all possible sources in today's IT environment. From traditional telecom network to the most advanced geographical positioning systems, TrackWit collects real-time information and reconstructs the information into intelligence on top of advanced analytical tools.

TrackWit aims at supporting all kinds of aggregated analytical purposes from such as research project, facility monitoring, and security management.

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