Info Navigator

A Real-Time Data Retention Platform.
Info Navigator is the ultimate data retention solution for Fixed-line, Mobile, WiMAX, and NGN operators to provide and archive information from network elements and customer profile databases for applications and services on top of their own networks and/or through strategic alliance with other operators.

Compared with traditional data retention systems which only retain network level data for network maintenance, billing or legal inspection purposes, Info Navigator has gone several steps ahead to incorporate more business-critical information such as call detail records, IP data packets, location information of CPE and user profile to support applications and services such as LBS and CRM to generate new cash flows aside from conventional voice and data revenue.

Info Navigator is fully compliant with ETSI Data Retention standard and designed on top of open architecture, which allows operators to further expand and integrate with other applications such as Accounting, Billing, Data Warehousing and CRM to support its sales and marketing campaign and management.

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