For more than a decade, ISS Core has been researching and developing content management technology for the broadcast industry. ISS Core's focus has been on breaking through bottlenecks in traditional processes and generating new value from more efficient means of utilization content. Today, Gorilla offers a complete range of scalable and modular solutions that help transform media production into a full or tiered digital process. ISS Core's open architecture delivers fast return on investment with solutions that scale to fit customers' needs and reach.


Simultaneous ingesting, segmenting, and generating high / low-resolution videos from 24 / 7 non-stop signals, the ISS Core DR-FU has proven its robust stability in continuous operations (achieving the highest ingestion benchmark score) during 2008 Beijing Olympics. One single system took 18 hours non-stop signal per day for 18 days without a single frame drop and any system halt and generated hundreds of video clips during the ingestion, allowing postproduction to access the videos in near realtime to produce highlights and promos for same day events.


ISS Core′s re-purposing and collaboration platform bridges the workflow gaps within hybrid NLE environments, allowing the sharing of content and metadata between multiple concurrent video editing stations. ISS Core offers a range of options depending on the size and complexity of the production environment, supporting both larger scale high-definition NLE systems and smaller pre-production and logging operations working with low-resolution files only.


ISS Core SI-EN is a full-scale content workflow solution for broadcast-quality video content. Offering an open architecture that seamlessly integrates with 3rd party components or a customer's existing systems, ISS Core SI-EN handles the most demanding broadcasting content, which as a media management center is designed to provide workflow efficiency in even the most competitive post production environments.

ISS Core Sieve

The ISS Core Sieve provides storyboard creation of keyframes out of low-resolution proxies through batch or auto-intelligent scene-change-detection core-algorithm and metadata / metatext extraction from video and external metadata sources. It improves production eciency dramatically when it automatically creates keyframes and metadata running in batch mode. Especially for long-form videos where editors could spend hours generating keyframes and sub-clips manually, ISS Core Signature Analyzer can operate at least 2x to 6x realtime to generate accurate keyframes automatically based on detection sensitivity.

ISS Core Extract (Gateway)

ISS Core Extract (Gateway) provides broadcasters an advanced tool to automatically check-in media assets, monitor media assets status and storage space threshold, and control media asset migration timing as well as movement to tiered storage archives based on lifecycle policies for different behavioral-specific contents. The beauty of this design is to provide a cost effective tiered storage strategy with asset visualization. You can easily control the mission-critical essence flow using an easy-tobrowse interface and achieve virtualization of tiered storage management with our cutting-edge technology too.

ISS Core Forge

Cross Vendor Postproduction Sharing Platform
Allowing both Macintosh and PC users to easily work together in broadcast and production facilities. More than just shared storage, ISS Core Forge offers workflow and collaboration for SD / HD support and management.

With distribution channels numbers skyrocketing and the insatiable appetite of viewers for more content in the digital era of today, the pressure for broadcasters to meet delivery deadlines with efficiency and quality productions is even more intense than ever. The ISS Core Forge the cross-vendor postproduction sharing platform – provides a competitive non-stop tapeless postproduction workflow and one-stop media center to meet the most demanding broadcast environments.

ISS Core Extract Flow (Portal)

Multilingual Content Support with Virtual Prevew Dynamic Realtime Metadata Management Real-time Online & Nearline Monitoring
Imagine. A web-based application that enables real-time management of all types of media assets such as videos, audio, documents and pictures with essence & metadata. Capable of monitoring the essence retrieval movement in between online, nearline and offline storages, viewing the low-res proxy, storyboard with corresponding metadata and script all on the web-based interface. Yes. You can do all that with ISS Core Extract.

As an integral part of ISS Core Extract Flow, ISS Core Extract (Gateway) is the gateway with which users interact and control media essence. Your Essences are managed through an intuitive visual interface that allows you to search, annotate, edit, archive and restore in real-time. Metadata can be updated by administrators, even when editors are working on the very files! Multilingual programs can be previewed with the relevant language audio and subtitle files in real time.

ISS Core Transmute

Automated Content Transcoding resulting in Saved Time and Labor costs Repurpose content for New Revenue Streams
Video producers in broadcast, film and video production as well as web publishing industries are all evermore searching for the latest and most e_ective ways to increase visibility and income from their content. But with each additional revenue opportunity imposes di_erent operational requirements, including new playback software or hardware, delivery platforms, video formats, and other customizations. With the hundreds of formats and variants today, the majority of media _les must be transcoded before distribution to the chosen recipients. For standards to be measured by, professional, enterprise and broadcast facilities require seamless media transcoding for their media content.

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