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NIS International Co., Ltd

Green Giant
Green Giant International Co., Ltd

IT Creative
IT Creative Co., Ltd.

Dell Coporation Co. Ltd

EMC Information Systems Ltd.

Thailand Samart
Samart Telcoms Public Co., Ltd

Accuracy Electronic Corporation

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We value our partners and your businesses as our own technologies. ISS Core partners with technology providers around the world and directly works with R&D engineers to develop the most advanced technologies in the world.

We initiate a number of different types of projects from joint development, developing open API for partners, or utilizing partners' API. The Intellectual Property ownership and business model must be seriously discussed and clearly defined before any project initiation to protect both ISS Core and partner's legal rights. Right now ISS Core is interested in partnering with technology providers in below areas:

• Mobile positioning
• Fingerprinting
• IP positioning
• Keyword spotting
• Video encoding/decoding

Online Submit Request Partnership

We welcome any partnership request as our goal is to develop the best technology in the world to help our customers succeed. If you are interested in partnering with us, please be sure to contact us with a clear statement of purpose. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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