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Essence Manager      
EM Media Portal EM Gate Keeper Essence Sharing  
Mags Family      
Ingestion Server Auto Transcode Catalog Management Signature Analyzer
Media Assets Manager      
Ingestion Server      
EM Media Portal Lite EM Media Database Lite EM Media Portal License EM Database License
Tiered archiving & lifecycle magt. Flexi-cart Ingestion NTSC / PAL Transcoding Live Ingestion
Keyframe generation Subtitle virtual preview Digital asset manual upload Storage statistics
Essence partial restore Other expansion modules Digital Rights Management System  
Venicle/ Pedestrian & Count Unattended Object Detection Missing Object Detection Restricted Area/ Line   Detection
Directional Detection Specifield Object Detection Scene Change Detection Warnings Given if Detections found
Live Monitoring/ Recording/ Controlling up to 16 video streams Automated Intelligent Video Analysis Industry proven automated metadata creation for future searches GIS Enabled for Intuitive Monitoring
MD-IP01 ( Mediation Device for IP network ) LE-MC02 ( LEMF Monitoring Center ) Master MD Std VoIP Slave MD
VoIP Recorder DPI Probe Protocol Interpreter VoIP-MG
Data Import Module IAP Access Information Storage System Investigator
Access Information Query System Performance Monitoring Server Protocol Reconstructor  
Wireless Positioning      
IPLS Protocol Decoder Auireo  
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